Manuel Dos Santos

Manuel Dos Santos has been dancing for over 16 years. While growing up in Angola he learned how to dance Kizomba and other African rhythms such as Semba, Kuduro and Rebita (known as the Angolan Rueda). He has later on started dancing salsa and trained under Mas Mambo and Gabriel "Matanza" Mambi, who is his mentor.

Although his repertoire includes hip-hop, Capoeira and Latin Ballroom, his passion is definitely Salsa and Kizomba. His tenacious dedication to the art form has made him an outstanding world-renowned performer. He has performed on stages worldwide including Japan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bermuda and in several American and Canadian cities.

Manuel Dos Santos has established Kizomba Canada dance school in Montreal in 2010. Kizomba Canada is the first school to offer Kizomba classes, Angolan style in Canada. Manuel Dos Santos' knowledge of music and dance such as Salsa, Hip-hop, Kizomba and Capoeira makes him a unique artist, instructor and choreographer.

Manuel Dos Santos' vision is to create dance awareness. At Kizomba Canada dance is not just dance, it is a Form of Expression, an Art, a Passion, and a LifeStyle.

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